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Web Dev Cheatsheet for SEO

Link: The Web Developer SEO Cheatsheet by Moz

This is a definite, must-download for anyone who does SEO or web development, or a mix of both

This would probably serve a new SEO or dev to your team well in familiarizing themselves with some of the more technical aspects of SEO.

The cheatsheet covers the follow topics:

  • Import HTML Elements (title tags, descriptions, headers, etc.)
  • Canonicalization
  • URL Best Practicies
  • Webmaster Tools (Bing, Google and Yandex
  • Robot Control Syntax
  • Important User Agents
  • Sitemap Syntax
  • Pagination
  • Social Metadata
  • Rich Snippets
  • Structured Data
  • Targeting Multiple languages
  • Mobile Web Development