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Jim Lee Interview

Jim Lee on Fatman on Batman

I've got a bit of a tradition of listening to this interview between Kevin Smith and Jim Lee every few months when I need some inspiration.

The interview with Smith and Lee is inspiring as the two discuss Lee's early days of hustling and getting up everyday to go to work even when he didn't have a job, and drawing comics all day to trying to meet Marvel artists at local comic cons to show them his work. They discuss everything from his early career at Marvel, to founding Image Comics and eventually moving over to DC.

The chemistry between Smith and Lee is great. Just a couple of friends talking about comics and life.

My love of comics is tied to Jim Lee's work because the first comic book I ever bought was X-Men #1 by Lee in 1991.

I didn't know anything about comics, artists or writers at the time. All I knew is that I loved X-men (because of the cartoon and toys) and this comic looked awesome.

I stopped reading comics for most of the late 90's and all the way through the 2000's, picking it back up in 2011. Luckily I still had my X-Men #1 to go back to read immediately.

If you're at all interested in comic books, art, entrepreneurship or just like to listen two a good conversation between passionate people, give it a listen. It's a two-parter, but well worth the 3-4 hours.