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Automate The Boring Stuff with Python

Link:Automate the Boring Stuff with Python

I recently bought the Automate The Boring Stuff with Python book from Al Sweigart because I love tutorials or books that teach me how to do a few specific things, step-by-step, and thats what this book aims to do.

I've only started to work through the PDF (I bought the physical book too, but that hasn't shipped yet) and I'm really enjoying it.

The book basically teaches you how to automate very simple, but boring, tasks with Python, hopefully freeing you up to do more interesting things.

The key to this book is that it's not teaching you abstract tasks, or theory that most people won't ever need. It's teaching you things that everyone who uses a computer can benefit from automating.

Here is are some topics the book discusses:

Everyone I know who uses a computer could benefit from automating these types of things.

For me, I work with spreadsheets everday at work, so anything I can automate (beyond what I already have setup) in that process will make me a happy, more productive person. I also tend to have resize a lot of images when submitting an app to the App Store, and that is usually a pain. I'm hoping this book will teach me an easy way to generate a bunch of images in specific sizes quickly.

The book's examples are all in Python 3, which at first was discouraging because I'm still using Python 2.X, but this was a good reason to force me to try 3. I haven't found the changes to be too difficult to deal with yet, but I will admit I still forget the print thing nearly every time.

Python 2.X

print "hello world"

Python 3.x

print("hello world")

I'm really excited to dive deeper into the book. I'm working through the basics section first as a reminder on how certain things work, or at least how they work in Python 3.

Here's to automating all the things!