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SEO Grab Bookmarklet

This is a simple bookmarklet that I developed to help me do my job quicker.

I often find myself needing to copy the page url, title and description tag for multiple pages, so I can paste them into a spreadsheet in seperate cells.

This bookmarklet lets me click around to different pages and just grab what I need without having to use any browser developer tools, saving me clicks and some time.

This works just like any bookmarklet, just drag "SEO Grab" to your bookmarks bar, then when you need to get the page URL, title Tag and description Tag, click the bookmark and a popup will appear that will let you copy the 3 elements to your clipboard, each one sperated by a linebreak.

SEO Grab

Note: If there is no description tag, "-" will be in place of it. Eventually I will make a "-" appear if the Title tag is also missing. As I make improvements to the tool, the bookmarlet will update automatically to reflect those changes.

For those interested in how it works, it's pretty simple. I'm using javascript to isolate the page URL, title and description, assign them to variables and then display them via a prompt . The most complicated part of this snippet is isolating the description tag, and then checking to make sure the length of it is longer than 0, essentially letting me know there is something present. If there is nothing, or the length is 0, then I assign "-" to the variable and display that. Eventually, I will employ this same check on the title tag.

You can see the full code, here