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Alexander Ramadan

SEO by day. Adventurer by night...and the weekends.

 "Alex is a great up and coming marketer. Not only is he on top of the latest trends, but he is a great executor. 

Drop me a line. I like talking about SEO, coimcbooks, backpacking, rock climbing, basketball or a bunch of other things.

Alex here. Professionally, I am a search engine optimization specialist working at digital advertising agency in Irvine, CA. In my spare time I like to write occasionally about marketing and SEO here and about other fun stuff here (warning: comicbook content). I also like to learn new things, all the time.

Most recently, I worked on my first iOS app, called Write365, which is a simple app for bloggers & creatives that helps break writers block. It was a fun & challenging project to work on considering I had no experience with developing for iOS before hand. It's definetly a platform I'd like to get more experience with.


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